Friday, February 18, 2011

My Favourite Antagonist: Gargamel

Many of the antagonists that i know of are ones from cartoons, which are definitely not all that villainous but, the villain I would say is my favourite is Gargamel from The Smurfs.  I would consider him as my favourite because I seem to enjoy the villains who aren't very good at being villains.  Gargamel's main goal is to capture the smurfs which he does not excel at because he is usually outsmarted by the smurfs.  Another reason I like Gargamel is because he is odd and a bit creepy.  He is an old man who wears a black dress, red shoes, has a pet cat named Azrael and wants to capture all smurfs. I find that a bit odd because i don't see why anyone would want to harm such cute and blue little creatures like the smurfs. Finally, the reason I like Gargamel the most is because i think he is just a lonely old man who just wants someone to be with. The only friend Gargamel has is his cat Azrael who doesn't like him all that much because of how mean he is , which i think is cause by his loneliness.  Without Gargamel the smurfs would be able to live happy and peacefully but what fun would that be if they didn't have Gargamel chasing after them all the time?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

about moi

My names Sharelle Simpson and i like the colour purple! I'm usually a quiet person and I hate oral presentations a lot!  I have a younger sister who makes me laugh. Especially when she dances! I speak french and have been since i was 5.  I'm not too exciting. So yeah that's me. :)